cheddar gorge cheese company

about us

We’ve been making traditional cheddar cheese here in Cheddar, the birthplace of this world-famous cheese since 2003. Using only fresh local unpasteurised milk, we preserve the original character of our namesake. That is, we only make true, authentic Cheddar, in the heart of Somerset.


We are on a mission! To preserve authentic cheddar cheese production. No better place than in the village of Cheddar, Somerset, the home of cheddar cheese. These days, the worlds most popular cheese is made all over the world and most bears no resemblance to the original (and the best!). Terroir plays a vital role. The environmental factors that affect the quality of our cows’ milk such as the local geography, earth, weather – characteristics that affect the pasture, essentially where the cows thrive. Using only fresh, local, unpasteurised milk, we preserve the original character of our namesake. This, we believe, is our responsibility and privilege.


In December 2006, we started maturing some of our cheese in the nearby caves within Cheddar Gorge. The environmental conditions were perfect for cheese maturing; constant temperature and high humidity. The environment in which the cheese is matured has a remarkably significant influence on the maturing cheese flavour, texture and moisture. In fact, Gough’s Cave in the Gorge, is the original historical Cheddar Cheese larder. Our Natural Cave Matured cheddar has been an outstanding success due to its complex flavour, aroma and texture. It’s unique. Our cheddar from Cheddar is truly history in the making!