Global Cheese Awards 2019

We’re delighted to announce that our Mellow Cheddar won a Gold Medal at this years Global Cheese Awards held at the Frome Cheese and Agricultural Show on September 14th.

It’s fair to say that our Vintage and Cave Matured Cheddars are at the top of our awards leader board – these cloth-bound, long-matured cheddars are the epitome of traditional cheddar. Their complex depth of flavour can only be reached with time. Time to make it by hand, time to press it, time to dress it and time to mature it. Up to 24 months in fact – a long time to care for these beauties; to monitor the temperature and humidity of the conditioning rooms, time to inspect, turn and keep clean. Only with this attention to detail can we ever hope to produce award winning traditional cheddars. But awards we do win, and for these we are very proud. Our Vintage and Cave Matured did win awards here too  – Silver Medals for each.

However to win a Gold for our Mellow is quite something. More commonly known as ‘Mild’ or ‘Medium’ cheddar, this cheese is popular with those who prefer to avoid the very strong ‘itchy roof of the mouth’ stuff. ‘Mellow’ is our youngest cheese – matured for around 5 months. It’s quite hard to produce a young cheese with a great taste, but this mellow cheese has all the characteristics of traditional cheddar but is a ‘gentler version’! A soft rind, creamy texture with a delicate, savoury cheddar taste. It’s versatile, has excellent melting qualities and children love it (an excellent cheese with which to introduce children to traditional cheddar)

Mild it is not, but mellow and moreish it is.



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