GUEST CHEESE – Made at Carron Lodge which is our sister company in Preston.

A creamy mature cheddar with added charcoal giving it a black colour. It has a gritty texture from the charcoal and is something different to the norm for your cheeseboard. A great cheese that will provide a real talking point with your friends.

200g Waxed Briquette

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Ladies and Gentlemen please give a warm welcome to our Guest Cheese all the way from Preston …drum roll….

The Charcoal Briquette!

An interesting cheese produced by our sister company in Preston. This creamy mature Cheddar blended with activated Charcoal is certainly a talking point. But don’t be fooled by this unusual combination. Dominated by a rich cream cheese flavour with added texture from the charcoal, this is a surprisingly tasty cheese great for crumbling over pasta dishes and jacket potatoes.

200g Waxed Briquette


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Cheese: Made with  MILK, Activated Charcoal

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