Discover the delightful fusion of cider and cheddar with our Cider & Apple Cheddar!

A traditional Cheddar with a modern twist. A tasty mellow cheese made with the same milk and methods as our plain Cheddar but combined with apple and locally made Legbender Cider.

190g Portion.


Whether you’re hosting a cosy gathering or treating yourself to an indulgent snack, our Cider & Apple Cheddar is sure to delight.

Enjoy it on its own, melted into your favourite dishes, or paired with crusty bread, . It’s the perfect way to capture the essence of the season in every delectable morsel.

190g portion.

If you’re a fan of garlic try our Cheddar with Herbs & Garlic.

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Weight 0.19 kg


Cheese: Made with raw cow’s MILK

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