Extra Mature Cheddar – 12+ Months Matured


Gold Medal at Devon County Show 2019

Bronze medal at The Global Cheese Awards 2019

(Average age 15 to 16 months)

Our authentic extra mature cheddar has a firm body and a strong flavour.

Bright on the palate – this cheese is a lovely bridging gap between youth and old age. It stands up as an excellent cheddar in its own right. It also makes a superb cheese in any recipe where cheddar is called for. The extra flavour intensity brings any cheese dish truly alive!

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First available in August 2019! As ever we have responded to our customer requests.

Many people were looking for something a little older/stronger then the 12 month Cave Matured but not as mighty as our Vintage Cheddar (minimum 22 months old). So, we have extended the maturation time of the ‘old’ Mature Cheddar so that it now provides that little EXTRA oomph! Hence the name – EXTRA MATURE. We think you’ll like it.

Looking for something to accompany your Extra Mature Cheddar?

Any of our chutneys and pickles with simple crackers will make a delicious cheese board. How about a few grapes or even a classic fig jam? Medium reds, such a Pinot Noir or a Shiraz with its peppery tones, make a great wine accompaniment. A classic Oaked Chardonnay would be a bold white to match the bite. A good craft wheat beer will also go down extremely well!


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Cheese: Made with raw cow’s MILK

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