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Nothing quite divides our cheese lovers as much a blue cheese. You either think you love it, or you think you hate it! And then we add more confusion by claiming to have produced not just a blue, but a Natural Blue Cheddar – which is very different to a Blue Stilton, Gorgonzola or Roquefort cheese which are intentionally made with blue mould (such as Penicillium) where the blue veins dominate the cheese. We claim that this is blue cheese, for people who don’t think they like blue cheese!

It is, in fact, all the result of a very happy accident. Occasionally a crack appears in the outside rind of a maturing cheddar allowing natural moulds to enter the body of the cheese. This results in the development of a gentle blue vein, giving the cheese a delicate ‘blue’ taste throughout. That lends this cheese a gorgeous subtlety – which has won it many fans.

At its heart, it remains a classic cheddar. Truly, this was a very happy accident indeed!

This will explain why we are sometimes out of stock – if we haven’t discovered blue veins when we cut into the whole cheeses, then we’ll have none to sell, sorry.

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Enjoying Your Natural Blue…

This is a smooth celebration of cheesemaking! Use and enjoy as you would any blue cheese. Sweeter wines or a Tawny Port would be a great match. A deep amber ale would also be an extremely good companion.

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All our authentic cheddars are made the same way, just selected according to where and for how long they have been matured

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Cheese: Made with raw cow’s MILK

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