Vintage Cheddar – 20+ Months Matured


CHAMPION Cheese at The Devon Show 2021
2nd Place in The Virtual Cheese Awards 2021 (Traditional Cheddar Class)
BRONZE Medal 2021 World Cheese Awards!

 “Another big, muscular cheese is the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company Vintage Cheddar, which definitely gives an itch to the tongue”  Patrick McGuigan, The Telegraph, Sunday December 6th 2020

Matured for at least 22 months, the full potential of our classic authentic Cheddar Cheese has been reached. This is true ‘Vintage’ Cheddar. Extending the maturing time allows the cheese to develop more depth and breadth of flavour, resulting in a more vibrant, nutty cheddar with very low lactose (<0.1%). A real treat – gluten free and suitable for most who are lactose intolerant.

Tantalisingly tasty!

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You cannot beat a good cheddar and this one is delicious. Slightly crumbly and full of flavour’  Marcus Wareing – Judge. Great British Food Awards 2019

“This will be my 4th online purchase…whenever I eat it it brings back memories of 60 years ago. Please don’t ever stop production”  Martin Brookes.

This is a robust, mighty strong cheese which has been described as “itchy roof of the mouth stuff”.  But there is more to it than that! Certainly once tasted, the strong flavour develops in the mouth and lingers for some time. This is a classic traditional cheddar cheese; hard in texture, with a rind and producing that nutty crunch (that’s the calcium lactate crystals, which develops naturally in long-matured cheeses).

Tantalisingly tasty!

Why? Because there is so much going on in the flavours of this authentic Cheddar. A piece of Vintage is best savoured on its own with crackers and even a pickle or chutney of your choice. The robust depth of flavour does make this an inspired and exceptionally tasty cooking cheese; less is required to have a remarkable impact.

Accompaniments to a cheese of this quality deserve to have big bold flavours. Enjoy with red wines such as Malbec or a full bodied Merlot. Another good bedfellow is a real ale with lots of character.

Lactose intolerant? Don’t worry! Our Vintage cheddar contains <0.1% Lactose. The long maturation allows the starter cultures to utilise ‘all’ the lactose in the milk which makes it suitable for most lactose intolerants.

Allergen Advice

Cheese: Made with raw cow’s MILK

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