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  • Celebrate the right way - with cheese!

    There's no better way - in our humble opinion - to celebrate a key event then with cheese. This is four tiers of cheesy deliciousness.

    Our Cheese Celebration Cakes are the perfect solution for your Cheesy centre piece. Each cheese is carefully selected and cut by hand to ensure the best quality and freshness. Choose from Extra Mature, Vintage or Cave Matured for your Cheddar Base. To complete your cheese cake is a Blue Stilton, Somerset Brie and Cornish Yarg*

    *IMPORTANT  Please read the Information Pack below before placing your order Cheese Celebration Cake Information We also stock a range of cheese accompaniments to compliment your cheese  
  • The perfect 'thinking of you gift'. This adorable little set includes a wedge of our Cheddar with Ruby Port and a mini jar of our favourite local pickle presented in a small gift tray. Set includes 1x 190g wedge of  Ruby Port and a 120g jar of Cheddar Pickle nestled on a bed of filler paper and card gift tray.  
  • Introducing our new Cheddar with Cracked Black Pepper. A traditional Cheddar with a modern twist. A tasty mellow cheese made with the same milk and methods as our traditional Cheddar but combined with all natural cracked black pepper. A classic flavour combination with an oh so delicate peppery heat to tingle the taste buds!
  • Make Your Own Hamper


    Now you can create your own hamper. What treats to include? You decide!

    Available in 14" and 18" sizes. Includes festive red ribbon and brown paper filling.

    Add a hamper to your cart and continue shopping. Any additional items will be packaged inside the hamper for delivery.
  • For that special man, whether its Father, Husband, Son or friend, they will all love this box of treats, that packs a punch ! A 200g 26+ months matured waxed Cheddar, made using the same milk and methods as our traditional Cheddar, but much softer in texture with a very distinctive acidic twang. If you like the 'itchy roof of the mouth' experience then this is the cheese for you! Rose Farm's Onion Marmalade with Real Ale A box of our amazing, award winning, simply delicious cheese straws Snaffling Pig Hot to Trot  - this particular packet is hot stuff - filled with habanero crackling, not too hot, just a little tickle of the taste buds in there. Two Taylors Coffee Bags - Hot Lava Java is an extra-dark roast with hints of smoke and black pepper, this could perk up the weariest of eyelids Presented in a brown gift box. This special box of treats is the perfect for any man on his special day Limited stock available.    
  • A classic cheese hamper containing everything you need to treat the cheese lover in your life. This attractive 10" wicker basket contains two portions of our best selling cheese, a small jar of locally made Cheddar Pickle and a box of biscuits
  • A lovely polished stainless steel Olive or Pickle Spoon. Approximately 16cm long and presented in a gift box. Dishwasher safe too!
  • Contains two of our classic authentic cheddars, along with three of our flavoured variations. The five 190g wedges are Vintage Cheddar, Cave Matured Cheddar, Naturally Oak Smoked Cheddar, Cheddar with Cracked Black Pepper and Cheddar with Cider, Garlic and Chives. These, together with the lovely Red Onion Marmalade Relish (310g Jar) and Stag Salt and Black Pepper Biscuits (150g) create a wonderful combination.
  • A lovely polished stainless steel Stilton Scoop Approximately 18.5cm long and presented in a gift box. Dishwasher safe too!
  • If you like strong Cheddar then you'll especially love our 'Especially Strong'.

    This is a 200g of 26+ months matured Cheddar truckle. Made using the same milk and methods as our traditional Cheddar, but much softer in texture with a very distinctive acidic twang. If you like the 'itchy roof of the mouth' experience then this is the cheese for you!

    600g waxed truckles also available here

  • Cheddar with Herbs and Garlic is a delicious creamy combination, reminiscent of al fresco dining and the earthy sweetness of herbs such as Oregano, Thyme and Basil. The garlic has a subtle delicate aroma that is mellow and gentle. It mixes with the herbs to produce a naturally flavoured cheddar that is mild but boasts a wonderful Mediterranean style herb garden aroma and taste.
  • Our Cheddar with a Good Slosh of Port speaks for itself! Two great classics combined into one – surprisingly delicious we think! The taste is gently sweet with a pleasant aftertaste of Port. The subtle marbled appearance is beautiful. 190g Portion
  • Our Cheddar with Chilli is a sparky combination.  Firstly you’ll taste the traditional cheddar and then the warmth of the chilli pops up.  It’s a matter of taste, but the level of heat is not overpowering, more so a heart warming tingle. 200g Waxed Round
  • Cheddar with Cider, Garlic and Chives is an excellent combination! We use local Somerset cider, minced garlic and the chives provide an irresistible sweet onion tang. The result is a smooth and creamy cheddar with a hint of apple cider sweetness. Our most popular flavour. 190g Portion.
  • GUEST CHEESE - Made at Carron Lodge which is our sister company in Preston. A creamy mature cheddar with added charcoal giving it a black colour. It has a gritty texture from the charcoal and is something different to the norm for your cheeseboard. A great cheese that will provide a real talking point with your friends. 200g Waxed Briquette
  • 190g Portions A classic combination of sweet red onion (surely the most beautiful of all onions!) & kibbled tomato gives us a duo that is revered for complimentary flavours, bringing out the best in each.  
  • ⭐ SILVER medal at The World  Cheese Awards 2021⭐ GOLD medal at The World Cheese Awards 2019 ⭐ Reserve Champion at The Devon County Show 2019 ⭐

    A beautiful award winning traditional raw milk Cheddar matured for 6 months. Mellow by nature but definitely not lacking in flavour. A little more subtle then some of its older counterparts but this plucky cheese has plenty character and a depth of flavour that's quite surprising for a younger cheese. 190g portion  
  • A lovely basket presentation containing 2 x 190g portions of our award winning cheddar cheese: Vintage and Oak Smoked Cheddar. We’ve also added small small jars of preserves – Harvest Chutney (130g) and Cheddar Pickle (120g) and a box of Stag Salt and Black Pepper Biscuits (150g). Presented on a bed of paper straw and nestling under a film shrink wrap this is a beautifully presented selection basket which makes a lovely gift.
  • A savoury gluten free cracker with a hint of sweetness and a crunchy texture; lightly baked & speckled with poppy seed. Great with cheddar cheese or for dipping into hummus or any vegetable dip. 100% Natural, Gluten & Dairy Free
  • These Gluten Free Wafer Crackers are incredibly thin and tasty making us go back for more each time! Light and impossibly crisp they're perfect for cheese and more! Wow your guests with these delicious wafers!


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