Interesting piece by @petabee1 in @thetimes yesterday. Confirming all we believe about the health benefits of eating cheese; good source of calcium & magnesium, vitamins A, B2 and B12 & protein.

In the past, the concerns of eating cheese were often related to its fat content, but here, The Times journalist, Peta Bee outlines recent research about the different types of saturated fats and that those in cheese have a preventative role warding off conditions typically associated with obesity such as type 2 diabetes. Also a compound called spermidine (found in aged cheeses such as traditional cheddar) have been proved to contribute towards extending life and preventing liver cancer.

Long matured cheeses contain a range of beneficial bacteria which boost our gut microbiome helping immunity to infection and contributes to “all-round good health”. (Benefits are greater if that cheese is made from raw milk of course).

Look, we would say this wouldn’t we? And we do, but we never claim anything we can’t prove or cross reference.

Taking the time to ‘know’ our milk, ‘connect’ with our staff, research, experiment, live and breathe traditional cheddar means we do all we can to make, care for & sell excellent quality cheddar. Apart from winning awards for the taste of our cheese (which we are terribly proud of) articles like this confirm all we believe in; cheese is good for you too. Science is science- we’re mammals after all, and nature determines mammals’ first food is milk. Preserving whole milk in the form of cheese preserves most of the natural constituents of milk for us to eat ‘later’. Thanks @petabee1 for crystallising so much research in this reassuring and interesting article.