The Ultimate Cheese Board

We were honoured to be asked to supply some of our cheese to Binita Shah, the award winning Food, Travel & Wildlife Conservation writer.

Binny knows her stuff! A serial wanderluster (her own words) she is a vastly experienced traveller and explorer of world cultures and food. She is one of those gentle souls who thinks deeply about things, and we were lucky enough to have met her a few years ago when she visited us in Cheddar.

Her travels have taken her around the globe where she likes nothing more than to taste the local food and drinks. She catalogues her travels in detail reporting her experiences in her unique way – always a pleasure to read. Her travels have been limited recently, for obvious reasons and so she has been working on other things, drawing on her experiences and recommendations – pre pandemic.

In preparation for Christmas she has just written about her ULTIMATE CHEESE board which features our cheddar! And we couldn’t be more proud.

Click on the image below to read about Binny’s cheeseboard and to find out more about her, her travels and beautiful writing.

My Ultimate Cheese Board




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